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New-The Pet Store in Spearfish, SD

Yay! I’m so happy to find a Pet Store that supplies Crickets, closer to where i stay most of the time! It was 140 miles one way, now its about 80! The store is clean and well stocked!

pet_store pet_store1 pet_store2


New Betta’s, Tobey and Sue

They are Halfmoon Multi Butterflies and are around August 1st, they were 11 weeks old. I got them from Karen Mac Auley. You can see more of her award winning betta fish at her website

I am also a member of the International Betta Congress

This is Tobey

Halfmoon multi butterfly Betta male

Halfmoon butterfly wanting food.

No more pictures. Food!



And this is Sue.  They both have two 1/2 gallon tanks with fake and live plants. They are sitting where they can see each other if they are both in the right spots in their tanks.

Halfmoon multi butterfly betta female

Halfmoon multi butterfly Betta female





Lionfish and Red Knobby Starfish

These gorgeous lionfish were part of my predator tank. It was a double tank, joined in the middle by large tubes so the fish could swim back and forth. There were clarkii clownfish, damselfish and a delightful porcupine pufferfish who shared the 70 gallon tank with these two. Lionfish and Red Knobby Starfish

Lionfish and Red Knobby Starfish







Favorite Pet Store – Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters
Rapid City, South Dakota
Phone: 605-342-8644
Is a wonderful new pet store in Rapid City.



You are directly over the target

Drop Shrimp-Stink bombs now!

shrimp and glofish

Shrimp Bomber over Glofish

The Worm Has Turned – Tubifex

Tubifex worms in their new home

Tubifex worms in their new home

I brought home some Tubifex worms to try for my fishes and they loved them. They require as much care as the fish do, or more to keep your supply self-replenishing though. I read a lot online about them and about culturing them and am aware that there was or is a danger of them passing along disease.

But at the same time, I read long threads of people wanting to keep them alive, forever without changing the water or feeding them. Sounds like a way to breed bacteria instead of worms to me. I got my worms from the LFS “Crazy Critters” in Rapid City SD and trust that these are free of anything bad.

If I take care of them and keep them clean, and still have problems down the line, I’ll post a geez, I shouldn’t have done that blog. For now, I’m finding it interesting, and am happy to have a kind of food my fishes love, that will self-replicate.

Oh Wow! There are Fry here!

What a fun surprise to wake up to this morning.

My Endler’s Livebearers pair, has born live! They are so tiny, I’m surprised my camera could see them at all, especially with my limited ability to do manual focus. (’cause everything looks blurry to me through the camera) Below is a photo of the Red Cherry Shrimp tankmates.

Endler's Livebearers Fry 12-11-11
Red_Chery_Shrimp 12-11-11

Red_Chery_Shrimp 12-11-11

Endler’s Livebearers Fry 12-11-11