New-The Pet Store in Spearfish, SD

Yay! I’m so happy to find a Pet Store that supplies Crickets, closer to where i stay most of the time! It was 140 miles one way, now its about 80! The store is clean and well stocked!

pet_store pet_store1 pet_store2


Hisser Speakers

If one gets out, you never know where you might find the critter. I woke up with one enjoying the warmth of my hand once. I was in bed, in my bedroom and about as far away from the roaches’ aquarium as you can get and still be in the house.

Anyplace warm will do, including computer speakers  ^.^)




“‘He abused me, she struck me, he overpowered me, she robbed me.’
Those who harbor such thoughts do not still their hatred.
‘He abused me, she struck me, he overpowered me, she robbed me.’
Those who do not harbor such thoughts still their hatred.”

~The Buddha
from the Dhammapada

Yet we keep saying it, don’t we dears? Complainin’ about what this or that one said or did to us.
And the Buddha tells us it is so counter-productive – we just feel worse when we think that way.

But when we do not think that way – when we offer loving-kindnes towards those who speak
ill of us, or harm us in some way, our own happiness grows. Amazing!


[My teacher]
Karma Sherab Drolma
A great reminder, at a great time for everyone.

New Betta’s, Tobey and Sue

They are Halfmoon Multi Butterflies and are around August 1st, they were 11 weeks old. I got them from Karen Mac Auley. You can see more of her award winning betta fish at her website

I am also a member of the International Betta Congress

This is Tobey

Halfmoon multi butterfly Betta male

Halfmoon butterfly wanting food.
No more pictures. Food!



And this is Sue.  They both have two 1/2 gallon tanks with fake and live plants. They are sitting where they can see each other if they are both in the right spots in their tanks.

Halfmoon multi butterfly betta female
Halfmoon multi butterfly Betta female





Draco is here!

This is Draco in his new house. He is named for the majestic dragon star of the movie ‘Dragon Heart’.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons like their homes about 78-88°F during the day and in the 70s at night.  He gets Superworms and crickets and always has fresh greens in a ‘rock’ bowl i made in the corner of his home out of flat rocks.

Bearded Dragon sitting on his large cow leg bone

He gets so excited to see Superworms that he will take them from my fingers.

Bearded dragon posing on wood

Draco got tired of posing for pictures. His favorite place is near the top of the log, closest to the heat lamp.

Bearded Dragon climbing his log
Bearded Dragon climbing his log