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Suki, Quirt and Brody are from very different backgrounds and have learned good, and bad ways to cope with life. In this series they teach each other the special ways they’ve learned to cope with life and each learn better ways.


Surrounded by cactus, abandoned mines, rattlesnakes, Quirt, Brody and Suki have adventures every time they go out riding in the Arizona desert or ghost hunting with Quirt’s mom, Mary Farnsworth, AKA, Josie Taboo and her ghost hunters. Excellent riders, they spend very little time falling off or getting lost, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Unfortunately, there are a lot of extenuating circumstances.

Mark Farnsworth thought he had a normal life, raising cattle and Thoroughbred/quarter horses until his wife, Mary Farnsworth got her TV show. She had been a journalist before she became a ghost hunter. She travels a lot. Their son, Quirt, is spoiled rotten.

Otto Rotter     A failed ghost-hunter-gone-bad. Mary fired him from her show, Josie Taboo and the ghost hunters. Now he wants to steal Mary’s fame and hurt her family as much as he can without getting his own hands too dirty.

Suki’s mother, Aiko died three years before, killed by her father. On the run, Suki’s father, Narciso Garcia took her to Mexico, California and Arizona where he was finally captured.

When he found out who is fostering his daughter, Narciso Garcia refused to give her up for adoption. Even from prison,  tries to figure out how to get his hands on the Farnsworth’s money

When Otto Rotter gets Garcia out of prison, no one is safe.

2 thoughts on “About Quirt and Brody

  1. Death and Dying and Other Messy Stuff…. What a WONDERFUL description of your experience. I’m hoping to get your permission to include some of the quotes from this blog entry in a book that I’m publishing. Please let me know if this is OK! (Not sure how to directly reach you).

  2. its fine and if you let me know when its done so i can read it too 😀 I just went back and looked at it, guess i was feeling really raw when i wrote it, lolz. I fixed some typos. My email is mia@roadplug.com facebook and twitter I’m mia_koenig or mia_koenig1 or Mia Koenig-McCarty and i think the facebook account even has my phone number if you have any other questions.

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