Hisser Speakers

If one gets out, you never know where you might find the critter. I woke up with one enjoying the warmth of my hand once. I was in bed, in my bedroom and about as far away from the roaches’ aquarium as you can get and still be in the house.

Anyplace warm will do, including computer speakers  ^.^)



Favorite Pet Store – Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters
Rapid City, South Dakota
Phone: 605-342-8644
Is a wonderful new pet store in Rapid City.


Mongo is Waiting for you!

Actually, Mongo is my brother’s Hissing Roach. I am babysitting them for the winter, as I have a heater for them, and it gets really cold in my brother’s shop, West River Welding and Machine, and West River Sports. For some reason, his wife won’t let him bring the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches home to his house for the winter.

Roach peeking from under a stick

Mongo is Waiting for You!

More of my Pets


I have about a dozen in an aquarium. For a few minutes, [under an hour], after they shed their exo skeleton they are pure white and look like little angels XD. I thought I had an unusual bug there for a little while. They take turns turning white, even the biggest adults.¬† I went to Arizona for two months to care for my terminally ill friend. While i was away my brother cared for my critters and liked the roaches enough that he asked for some. I split what i had with him and now I’m so jealous! He gets to keep his at work on his work bench.

[He owns the business, lolz]