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New-The Pet Store in Spearfish, SD

Yay! I’m so happy to find a Pet Store that supplies Crickets, closer to where i stay most of the time! It was 140 miles one way, now its about 80! The store is clean and well stocked!

pet_store pet_store1 pet_store2


Ladner Puppy Play

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Dax and Xena

75 percent Great Dane, and 25 percent St. Barnard

75 percent Great Dane, and 25 percent St. Barnard

Favorite Pet Store – Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters
Rapid City, South Dakota
Phone: 605-342-8644
Is a wonderful new pet store in Rapid City.



Dogs I’ve loved

These are a few pics of a few of the dogs I love, past and present 😀

Dax, Xena, Great Dane x St Barnard and Dallas, doberman

Dax, Xena and Dallas

Westchester terrier x Min pin and Min pin

Peanut, Winchester Terrier, Min pin x and Diamond Boofy, Min Pin

Great dane X St Bernard X

Dax and Xena

Dachshund and Min Pin

Rizzo, Dachshund, and Boofy, Min Pin