The Worm Has Turned – Tubifex

Tubifex worms in their new home

Tubifex worms in their new home

I brought home some Tubifex worms to try for my fishes and they loved them. They require as much care as the fish do, or more to keep your supply self-replenishing though. I read a lot online about them and about culturing them and am aware that there was or is a danger of them passing along disease.

But at the same time, I read long threads of people wanting to keep them alive, forever without changing the water or feeding them. Sounds like a way to breed bacteria instead of worms to me. I got my worms from the LFS “Crazy Critters” in Rapid City SD and trust that these are free of anything bad.

If I take care of them and keep them clean, and still have problems down the line, I’ll post a geez, I shouldn’t have done that blog. For now, I’m finding it interesting, and am happy to have a kind of food my fishes love, that will self-replicate.

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