About Me

I am an old Geek of 56. 😀
I love computers and play Sims and Sim City way too much. I still play ‘Populous’.
I love animals of all kinds and have cared for a wide variety.
I’ve been married to hubby Mike since 1995. I adopted him in 1993.
I moved to RC SD about 7 years ago.
I love animation and anime and have written over a million words of fan fiction.
I’m not attracted to ‘shiny’ stuff, but brightly colored things will keep me entertained for hours.

I have adopted the best dog ever~ she and her cat, Padme and Peanut Butter have their own facebook page ^.^))
I raise Madagascan Hissers. I started out with a plan. I would raise them as feeder food for my brother’s tiger salamander. But the Tiger Salamander didn’t like them. So now the hissers are just . . . multiplying in a large aquarium 🙂 Maybe I’ll be a supplier for South Dakota’s feeder bug needs.

My website:




30 years I trained horses are tied up in the reasons why I started writing Quirt and Brody. Writing is a way to re-live and share some of the adventures I had riding and training horses. I also enjoy a little paranormal, science and magic and try to incorporate that in my stories in a Jonny Quest style. Maybe extreme Jonny Quest. I don’t remember even him being in such trouble as I put Quirt, Brody and Suki in.

I set up some dangerous characters for the family to stay one step ahead of because I enjoy suspense too. Even to keep my interest, I felt the stories needed more than riding and ranch work to talk about. The other books I’ve seen where kids ride horses, there is a rich kid, Barbie doll, snotty element and I am not interested in writing about the teenage drama of that sort. Not everyone, most in fact, who owns horses are rich. In my stories, Quirt’s family had to have some money to enable the kids to go on more adventures, but it’s not about the money.
Quirt is spoiled rotten, Brody came from an average single-working-mom family situation, and Suki was poor and on the run with her criminal father for three years after he killed Suki’s mom, Aiko.


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