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Aiko’s Haunted Hairbrush


hiar brush reference

In Quirt and Brody: Ride#2, Doppelgänger, Suki finds her mother’s hairbrush on a visit to San Francisco.

Suki, Quirt and Brody go on a ghost hunting trip with Josie Taboo to San Francisco.

Suki believes after she finds it, that her mother’s ghost is with her and is helping to keep her and her friends safe.


My Blog

A couple of months ago, i combined my three blogs into just one, with different categories. I had three blogs that no one reads, at least now I have one blog that is read, rarely 😀 When i used wordpress’s tools to combine them, everything seemed to go well. Just now that I’ve had a few days off and with Internet Access, I’m seeing that all of the photos didn’t import. I’m working on cleaning up and fixing the errors.


Indenting in Word, after the Document is written

Click on the “Page Layout” tab, at the top of the Ribbon in Microsoft Word.

Go to the section that is headed “Indents” and “Spacing”. Click on the little arrow in the bottom right-hand corner. This arrow opens up the Paragraph Dialog Box.

Look for the heading “Indentations” in the Paragraph Dialog Box. In this section, there is a drop-down box with the heading “Special:”. Click on the drop-down box and select the “First line” option.

Choose the amount you want the lines indented by, in the “By:” box. Here, 0.63 cm was chosen, because this is a commonly accepted indent size.

When a new paragraph was started, Word automatically indented the first line.
Click on “OK”, and continue typing. Now, Word will automatically indent the first line every time you press Enter.

Note: I used the steps above, but to add or change indents after the doc is written, select all, and then follow steps above,



Okay, what kind of ‘help’ is this. MS Word 2007 ‘Help’

When I write, the first drafts, and second third etc I just make straight breaks between paragraphs. Then i go back and indent all the paragraphs at once when it is ready for someone else to read and hopefully edit it.

I’ve done it before, and know how to do it with Open Office, but because of publishing formats I go back to word when its getting close to being finished. I’ve done indented the beginning of all the paragraphs at once in MS Word too, but I’ve slept since I did it last and don’t remember.

I typed “indent first line of all paragraphs”
in the help search.
the results were:
“Troubleshooting Short Battery Life”
“Use and configure your Bluetooth enabled headset”
“Install a Blue tooth enabled device on this computer”
and four more things that had nothing to do with what i was looking for.
They didn’t have ANY of the keywords i used. How come it seems like what used to work, doesn’t anymore since i got my new ’64 bit’ computer.

It’s probably not the computer, so what is it? I’m still typing English, and have everything set for English. Could I be becoming more inept or senile already? I eat my whole grain cereal and take my Ginkgo biloba every day.
My goodness.
Well, I still don’t know how to do it, So instead of ranting and raving anymore or using Windows/ms office help, I’ll randomly check on any one of dozens of websites that have nothing to do with microsoft and the answers’ll be right there.

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The most exciting part of writing

The most exciting part of completing a story, is not finishing it, but having someone else read it.
~Chloe, Smallville

The Author’s Own Riding Experience and Horses

Since I am writing about characters that ride horseback, much the same way, and doing the same things I did, I thought I’d post a picture from time to time. Although I never ran into a secret lab underground in the desert and got captured by a mad scientist, but I had great fun and most of the time during those 30 years, I was on a saddle from before sunrise to after sunset, and in the summer we really did go on moonlit, midnight ‘weenie rides’ just like Quirt lead Brody and Suki on in the first book, ‘Rattlesnake’. We’d be out all night, riding, and only stopping long enough to road some hot dogs on paloverde tree sicks.  Pictured is me and ‘Robby’ a horse given to me for ‘experience’. He was a ring-soured dressage horse and I was to put some rough miles on him to show what work really was. And boy did I!

Mia riding Robby

Mia riding Robby

The Third cover for the upcoming Quirt and Brody book, Bizarre Ranch

Quirt and Brody Ride #3 Bizarre Ranch

Quirt and Brody Ride #3 Bizarre Ranch

Ride#3 Bizarre Ranch, a demon kidnapped the spoiled rotten teen, Quirt and took him far from home, to Wyoming where he learns what really hard work and being mistreated is all about.

Staying out of a horse’s dance space

While in the saddle, if you ‘stay in the middle with your legs on both sides’, you can usually make it safely through anything that happens. A good rider uses balance and mindfulness, not muscle.

But in some ways, handling a horse from the ground is more dangerous than being in the saddle. When you’re working with animals on the ground it’s like ‘dancing’ with a thousand-pound unpredictable animal – with very hard feet.

Even if you’ve been around horses all your life or perhaps especially if you’ve been around them all your life, you know how unpredictable they can be, given the right circumstances. And still, because you’ve been around them a long time, you become lax in your handling of them. It works out fine, most of the time.

Even the animals that seem mean to us humans, never start the day thinking, “I’m gonna get him today.” Many new horse owners are clueless about an animal’s nature or its natural ability to hurt you without trying to and if someone is hurt, they blame the horse, ‘oh that’s a baaaaad horse!’.

So many animal owners seem to have been raised in a Disney movie, where all the animals sing and just love ‘people’ and will save ‘people’ from danger. I read once it’s called anthropomorphize or something.

Animals start off pretty neutral. It’s how humans interact with them that makes them seem a certain way. One of the basic horsemanship rules is ‘don’t ever stand directly in front of a horse’ and newbie dudes often follow that rule better than the old hands.

Allowing a horse to man-handle a human even in a way that seems affectionate or harmless can lead to problems. Horses don’t rub on people because they like them. They do it because they itch and they’re just using their human for a scratching post. Horses should respect their humans more than that. Given the right circumstances, not respecting their humans space could result in the injury of the human or even the horse.

Allowing a horse to be too close or too ‘familiar’ can result in the animal thinking he can be too close at other times and even try to dominate their human as though they were another horse. If they are too close and they are spooked by something for example, they horse could just run over the human to get away. Horses bang and bump on each other all the time in a herd. The horse must never think you are part of his or her herd.

Brody lets his horse, Archer get away with breaking all the rules sometimes, but the teenager is athletic and most of the time, can get out of the way. He and Archer also have an unusual understanding between them, and even the horse seems to know when it’s important to respect Brody’s space. Not everyone is as athletic or strong as Brody is, and not all horses are as well mannered as Archer is.

If rules are broken, sometimes . . . there is no place to go to get out of the way.

New Computer Problems Update – and more!

Update 10.3.11 – my new computer had to go to the manufacturer for warranty work!

The cooling fan died and it was overheating. In the past when the cooling fans quit, i just put an external fan on it and made sure it had good airflow. This time i sent it in, because it was only a couple of months old and still under warranty, and also it seems that it is programmed to ‘protect itself’.

This new computer insisted i have it fixed right away. It knows that its cooling fan isn’t working and shuts itself off every few minutes. When you restart it, it warns you that damage may occur and gives you the choice about whether to start it or not. I chose to start it a couple of times to be sure i had all my files and settings deleted and mailed it in.

I felt so sad when i took it to fed x. Another friend gone.


[it should be back in a few days.]