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“awesome story. any chance on a part 3? i like how you put Ben in danger cause he gets away with out a scratch to many times in the real story.” ~Comment from heartbreakerninja on


I am mean to the characters, I know 😀 I’m mean to Quirt and Brody too.

i would love to write a part 3, I’m thinking on it.


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“An amazing ending to a great ben10 story damn this should be cartoonnetworks next animated movie or str8 to dvd or something man while reading it i envisioned every detail like i was watching the shown GREAT JOB TRULY AN GREAT JOB”

by tRUjusTICE001

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Gone Too Far
Chapter: 3. Chapter 3

From: Automail-gHost

… I’m at a loss for words…
That was so amazing…
Your writing is so vivid and so well done, that was absolutely AMAZING! .
The plot was so original, the character acting and interaction was fantastic,
I seriously could not stop reading. Great job! ^.^
I’m gonna go see what other good things you have written, really good job,
keep going! ^-^)
{Shameless Self Promotion} ^.^)