Great, custom glasses chain!

Laura, who works at Dakota Rollers also does beautiful bead work. She made this awesomely cool glasses chain. Dakota Rollers, 605-718-7010


I think i found a scam!

For times when I’m not writing, I really need a job. My first book has come nowhere near supporting me in the manor I’ve become accustomed. I want to pay my electric bills and I also like food.

It’s been 6 months now since I quit the job that was giving me chest pains and hives. At first, when I returned to South Dakota from Arizona, after my friend died, I looked for employment on the internet and applied and begged at every business I went into to hire me, part time, full time, temporary, contractual. My schedule is open. To this day I haven’t even been called for an interview. I am looking for work with more enthusiasm since it’s been so long, and even decided to try “Craig’ List”.

On Craig’s list there were jobs for Rapid City SD. One of them said it was office work in a chiropractic office. Sounded perfect for me. I would expect a job that would require moving around, answering phones, setting appointments, keeping daily ledgers and generating reports, filing, taking people to rooms for the doctors as well as sitting if I needed too, and probably other things I haven’t thought of.

I responded in an email and attached my resume even though the instructions about how to apply were vague.

I few days later I got an email from someone who called herself ‘hiring manager’ or some other title. Never gave the name of her company, but the URL had ‘hiring’ or some other buzzword in it.  Other than that it sounded kinda professional.Image

She stressed that the business that hired her to do this for them was wanting to hire as soon as possible, so I had to hurry. [it took her several days to reach me] She instructed me to go to a URL and fill out a form, the next step in the hiring process. She also wanted me to get a credit report on myself saying it my credit good or bad wouldn’t change my eligibility for hiring, [then why ask for it?] She gave me another link for that. She stressed again the urgency her ‘clients’ felt about hiring someone, yet told me after I did as she requested, she’d get back to me in 3-5 days.

First I went and filled out the form. It was just a simplified, one page, ‘are you white or Hispanic’ type form. I followed the link for the ‘free’ credit report and of course they wanted my ssn. They also wanted a credit card, for this free report because if I didn’t ‘cancel’ whatever I was signing up for, they would bill me $19 per month. The site looked like, but even if it was, why would I sign up for something I’d have to cancel right away just to maybe be considered for a job, that I knew nothing about at the time?

Is this what ‘hiring managers’ are asking for these days?

I have applied online for many jobs and the ones that I know to be real, never asked me to do anything like that, not even for the job I was offered.

I wrote the woman back and told her everything that I thought was wrong with her request and never heard back from her after I requested more information about the job first. If there really was an actual job behind all of that, I guess I won’t be getting it ^.^)