Computers are a pain in the ass.

Phoenix_ParadeLiterally. There, I said it. The 22 year love affair I’ve had with computers is officially over. After realizing that I was hiding in the computer, to get away from the monster,  I took up a couple of new interests and activities.  I haven’t been on the computer every minute like I have been for the last two decades. I was so soft, it hurt to move. One of the things The doctor prescribed was physical therapy, and before it was even overwith I signed on to work-out with an actual, very knowledgeable, personal trainer. I’ve made much more progress with my trainer than with physical therapy. It still hurts sometimes, but I am stronger and my balance is much better. I’m still riding my bike.

With the formal exercise, I also took up shooting. I have a shotgun, a revolver and two autos. I’ve taken gun safety and self defense classes, having instruction from several of the ‘best’ trainers in the field. Of all of it, I love archery best. I have a 30 lb re-curve bow and even found an instructor for that too.  I’ve participated in tournaments using guns and archery as part of my return to an active lifestyle. [Nothing is as good as my Equestrian lifestyle was though.]

I feel I am more than ready to go back to work and can’t wait to use my new ‘muscles’. Communication wasn’t’ real good for a while, and I’m going back a couple of weeks later than I though I could, but it is arranged now that I will start back after Christmas.

When I couldn’t work with large animals anymore, I didn’t realize how terribly the lack of exercise would affect me. And I didn’t realize how much time the computers took up. Now that I’m not on them as much, I find it terribly frustrating about how much time it takes to update and maintain them. Windows 8, in my opinion was a terrible idea. I’ll be lucky if I finish this post before it cries about wanting to update something and restart, or I have to troubleshoot something that isn’t working quite right. Over the last week, I’ve take my little laptop [netbook] with me to coffee shops or meetups thinking I could use it to take a note or two, and make a list of what I want to do as I think of it.

I’ve spent the whole time trying to get the computer to work right and haven’t’ been able to do what I wanted to do. Just a quick, get on and do .. .  and it couldn’t be done. Time to go back to good old paper and pencil!