Windows 8 is just plain EVIL

About a month ago, I was helping a friend put games on her Windows 8 computer. The Microsoft solitaire game ‘app’ was so screwed up we couldn’t get it to even re-install. It kept saying that it was already installed. I even paid for ‘expert’ tech help that turned out that the ‘expert’ didn’t know even as much as I did. I found and installed another ‘solitaire’ game that she liked better I think and all was well for a while.

About a week ago, I was helping my same friend find a Checkers game to play. We went to the ‘store’ to find one. We found a checkers ‘app’ that she liked, but the computer kept saying she that she had to sign in to Microsoft. I started to sign her up, but when she saw that registration asked for a password, she balked, and I canceled the registration.

Yesterday, I printed something from Quicken, and the whole computer ‘encountered an error’ and had to shut down. When the computer started back up, MICROSOFT HAD TAKEN OVER. The windows log-in page came up and we had no password since we didn’t know we’d created an account. Windows changed the start-up settings all on its own as far as I could tell. I wouldn’t have ever agreed to it, since I do use these setting on my own computers, and found it to be a pain in the behind.

I tried the online ‘reset password’ several times, but since we didn’t ‘finish’ creating the account [or though we didn’t] there was no credit card info, or past passwords or email subjects to use for authentication.

I tried several ‘fixes’ that I knew about, and a couple more that I found directions for online. None of these actions behaved as the articles said they would. I tried to use dos, and windows kept jumping up with more errors. I even bought a ‘windows 8 password reset program’ that didn’t work.

For the first time, ever, in 22 years of computing,  I gave up and called Microsoft. I figured wrong, in thinking that they could just verify my friends identity and reset the password.

The rep talked me through doing a couple of the things I’d already tried, multiple times and when it didn’t work for her either, she said that I’d have to talk to a ‘tech’ for him to talk me through restoring the computer [setting it back to factory] and that everything on the computer would be LOST! [She was obviously trying hard to scare me, and didn’t think I had the sense to have everything backed-up.
[Every task and item in windows has a new ‘term’. I am especially not impressed with ‘charms’. What are we doing? Playing ‘my little pony’? But I digress.]

   I was told that the ‘tech’ that I had to talk to, would charge $100.00 for something or another. I was very annoyed at this point and not concentrating as hard as I had been to understand the rep who had some sort of heavy accent.

The Rep also told me that I’d have to buy a ‘disk’ to ‘restore’ the computer! That was another $100.00. How lame is that? I don’t think there’s been a computer sold in 10 years that you had to have a disk to recover/restore/wipe back to factory. I told her never mind, and that I’d do it myself. She was insisting I had to talk to the tech and buy her magic ‘disk’, but I hung up.

The computer is back to its original state and all the software and files [That I religiously keep backed up for people I work with] have been ‘restored’. One good thing, depending on how you look at it, is that Microsoft solitaire works now.

I suppose most people do fall for the crap they dish out and hand over 200+ dollars for their ‘help’. It’s really sad that they do business this way in spite of being such a huge company. I am still angry enough to go with Mac, but I don’t have the money right now to start over with all my techy stuff. I also realize that even if I wanted to spend the money to buy all Mac stuff, my little tantrum wouldn’t effect Microsoft at all.

It was all for the want of a game to play, and later for want of a password, a computer that was working great in every other way – had to be wiped back to factory settings.

Ah so.