Some women want diamonds . . .

I am perfectly happy with worms. I can be entertained for hours or days, even weeks with a plastic tub of worms. I brought home more today. The worms I brought home Dec 12 were doing great, and still are. But I was feeding them very sparingly to the fish since i didn’t want their numbers to deplete before I had a good ‘regenerating’ worm pile.

I had actually just finished cleaning the worm houses I have them in now, when Linda @ Crazy Critters called to tell me that they had more in.

This is a picture of the worms after i I put them in their new home. I kept them separate from the others. They are still in the ball, mostly, but are slowly spreading out and digging into the sand. They seem to like the sand better than gravel, and they like a layer of java moss too. As i write this now, they are spread out and easy to see in the white sand.

Black Worms

Black Worms

I am finding there is a lot of confusion about species online about these worms. It’s the brown worms that have problems with bacteria, but also, the black worms, that they say are ‘safe’ are actually dark brown. For the sake of my sanity i am not calling these black worms, instead of Tubifex, even though some say they are similar. The scientific articles that i tried to find today, no longer exist. But i will keep trying to identify these critters.

And I still believe whole heartedly, that the conditions under which people are keeping these worms, that i read about online, is what leads to the harmful bacteria growth that people blame the tubifex worms for. Before you cry to me about how dangerous the worms are and you think what i say is misleading, know that I have no scientific evidence or even citations to back my opinion up, and that’s all it is, my opinion. If you keep worms in the refrigerator, and don’t feed them for a week, they are going to die, and I’m sure bacteria will grow. Food kept in refrigerator too long grows all kinds of things, and is no longer edible. Poor worms. I believe you have to duplicate as close as possible to the conditions where these worms [and other critters] are found thriving on their own in the wild.

I do water changes for them everyday, just like i do my bettas who live in the 2 gallon uncycled tanks. After rinsing the sludge that comes from the big, filtered 10-50 gal aquariums, I give the worms that too. I don’t give them the water that comes out with it.  I won’t mention what’s in that, as I’m sure you can guess, but hey, they’re worms, they like it. Its as close to i have to what might be at the bottom of a lake.

The first batch are thriving, and I’m sure even with feeding some to the fishes, I still have as many as i started with from the first cup and more.  I am so ready to find some little freshwater pufferfish! All that’s left now is to wait for warmer weather for them to be shipped in.

In the mean time, the fish i have now, mostly bettas, are loving these worms. The young bettas in a 6 gal tank,  ‘hunt’ the bottom of their tank for them several times a day, since they are used to grabbing them while the worms are digging down into the sand.

Two of my oldest betta males haven’t really figured out what to do with them, big tough fighting fish are scared of tiny worms, lol.


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