Beauty Boy Betta – Banana

This boy’s tail gets longer and longer. He likes to rest with his tail flared out over java moss, the heater or anything else in his home. I hope to catch him when he’s fully flared, for he is about as spectacular as a betta can get.

He is the shiest, most sensitive betta boy i have. He will flare and dance when i take the dividers down between the tanks so he can see his neighbor, but he doesn’t do it with the vigor of the others and frequently dives to the bottom of his tank to hide. While his neighbor, [right now its Mocha] looks like he is trying to chew through the glass to get to Banana, Banana is staying near the middle of the tank putting on his display.

yellow platinum male delta tail etc

yellow platinum male delta tail etc

Mocha and Sid’s tails got chewed up the last time i tried to breed them. But when banana was with his girl, she didn’t chew his tail [much].

these pictures of him, i took with my galaxy tab. It takes good pictures of normal sized stuff, but macro isn’t terrific. I’m learning to use Corel Paintshop since my new computer wont run my adobe photoshop software. I put the photos together in a collage and used the ‘object remover’ tool to take the wires and junk out that was behind the fish.  It’s not great, i know. I could have spent hours working some more with Paintshop, and editing the photo, but I would rather be taking care of the fish, or writing Quirt and Brody 😀

Banana 12-23-2011anana_12-23-11

Banana 12-23-2011anana_12-23-11

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