If You’re Gonna Drive that Truck,

Drive that truck! I swear, there should be a special license. I see them all the time, driving on one of the lines, either too far in or two far out, like they have no idea where on the road they are.

And yes I drove a truck for the first 4 decades of my life, [wait, that makes me older than i am, oh well] I pulled long stock trailers, and even pulling a trailer, I parked perfectly because i didn’t want to take the chance on inconveniencing someone else!

I would have never walked away leaving something I drove, parked like that. As it was I was too far over, but when i got there, the car that was in his place was over too far, and with the world xmas shopping all at this one little Walmart in Rapid City, I was lucky to find a place at all. If I hadn’t been too far to one side, it looks like the driver of the pickup would have just squished me anyway.

It seems its only at xmas that we find the bone in our bodies that is sharing, so how about a little thought for others? At least park straight and share the parking lot with some courtesy!

And another thing, the next time someone leaves their cart on one side of the isle, while they go to the other side to look, effectivly blocking the whole isle – I’m gonna just run them over!

I can see it now, woman arrested for road rage inside the store.

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