Who ses Betta Fish don’t need heaters?

I found Banana’s filter unplugged one morning recently, and his tank was about 67 degrees.

When I fed him, he seemed uninterested, and later when I let him see the female that I hope will get along with him for youngin’s, he wasn’t even interested in looking at her. I touched his 1 1/2 gallon tank to pull it out where i could reach better and found how cold it was!

Look where he spent the rest of the morning after I plugged it in!

betta heater

He’s like a lizard soaking up the sun off a rock.

Banana would like to argue with anyone who says that Bettas only need tiny bowls with no heat.

For one thing the smaller it is, the more you have to change the water. Even if you do it right, [like being sure the water is warm, and doing it slow enough to not shock the fish] 100% water changes are rough on the fish. Lets face it, most fish owners don’t change the water often enough to keep the quality where it should be. Just because a Betta is tough enough to live through it longer than other fish, doesn’t mean he should have to. The bettas in the cold little cups look pale and uninterested, and you never see them flare. They are just not at there best.  I found several of my Betta’s tanks at goodwill and the salvation army for $2 or @3 dollars. The heaters i use are all under $15 and most under $10. Some i found online and others at the local pet shops. The heaters were all purchased new. The one & two gallon tanks with small lights and heaters cost 83 cents to $1.10 to heat and light for a month, and that estimate is if they are on 24/7.  That is not a lot to spend to have a healthy, happy pet of any kind.

And for everyone who was concerned about him when I posted these photos on Bettafish.com, he is fine today and showing off for his girl, or maybe for the camera. Do you think he could know I’m taking his photo to make him famous online?

The water temps would have changed slowly, probably similar to night time in the wild places these boy’s relatives live. Banana doesn’t want to be a wild fish. You can see it in his eyes.

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