I’m not negative – really i’m not :D

Looking through my blog I think someone who doesn’t know me would think,  “Wow, what a bitch.”

Really I’m not – I’ve even had ‘bitch lessons’ from friends because it was determined i needed to be more of a bitch.

There are just a few things i am passionate about and when things go awry i can be ‘vocal’ and now with a blog i can be ‘vocal’ even if it’s not appropriate or beneficial to be vocal while something ignorant is actually happening. One thing that really bothers me is ignorance – especially in myself. I even have tattoos with symbols meaning Wisdom and Dispelling Ignorance. Was it ignorant of me to get tattoos?  Probably, but i didn’t get them until i was 47 –  old enough to be sure i really wanted tattoos even being aware of the multitudes of possible consequences.

they say Tatoos are permanent – but i say, these bodies we enhabit are not.

While i inhabit this body, such as it is, I will be a passionate, compassionate person always striving to think of others more than i think of myself. And the only thing that gets in the way of that, are my own fears.

Captain Hook carried a vial of poison because he was terrified of being captured and tortured. I think he was on the right track.

Would carrying a vial of poison make me feel a lot better, even if i never actually use it? I’m sure i could get one one on the internet, since you can get anything – but would it work? or would it be filled with spring water? A placebo to make me feel better?

I think the only way i can feel better is to just feel better 😀

These other things aren’t real anyway, just my fearful thoughts that come and go – unless i cling to them.

Ah So,

anyone got any chocolate?






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