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Living in South Dakota, recently got back from helping to care for a terminally ill friend in Arizona and still thinking about it, a lot.

I just turned 49 and I still don’t know what i wanna do with my life. Well I know, but hubby wouldn’t like it, or ses he wouldn’t and I made my vows to him first. I refuse to break vows without good reason, but sometimes its difficult to get what I’ve vowed to co-exist with other things I’ve vowed,  😀

So I flounder around between what I wanna do and what I think I have to do. I fight the ‘what i think i have to do,” like Daffy Duck stuck in Taffy.  Flopping around but not getting any more ‘un-stuck’. It’s a human thing so I’m not really worried. I’ve been floundering for years. I feel stuck, and have for a long long time.

Being stuck must be a pretty comfy place, even if not beneficial, because I haven’t pulled myself out yet.

Ah so.

On a happier note, I have stories inside me that are trying to beat their way out, so for the last couple of years I’ve been writing every chance i get. I started writing my Quirt and Brody stories in 2007, but took about a two year break to write other things, mostly fan fiction about a very obscure Cartoon! It was great fun, i learned a lot about writing, and it turned into marketing research. I still have about 1000 hits a month on just one of the sites where I posted fan-fiction in 2008-9. The show isn’t on anymore, and still, many tell me they’ve never heard of it – but want to watch it after reading my stories. That is an ego-stroker!

Even if no one else liked my own stories enough to give me $2.99 to read each one on kindle, I am enjoying writing and will be very pleased when I finish what I have started, at least. As long as my writing reads smoothly with a minimum of mistakes, readers get a good sense of the action and it keeps them interested, I’m happy.

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