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About me

Living in South Dakota, recently got back from helping to care for a terminally ill friend in Arizona and still thinking about it, a lot.

I just turned 49 and I still don’t know what i wanna do with my life. Well I know, but hubby wouldn’t like it, or ses he wouldn’t and I made my vows to him first. I refuse to break vows without good reason, but sometimes its difficult to get what I’ve vowed to co-exist with other things I’ve vowed,  😀

So I flounder around between what I wanna do and what I think I have to do. I fight the ‘what i think i have to do,” like Daffy Duck stuck in Taffy.  Flopping around but not getting any more ‘un-stuck’. It’s a human thing so I’m not really worried. I’ve been floundering for years. I feel stuck, and have for a long long time.

Being stuck must be a pretty comfy place, even if not beneficial, because I haven’t pulled myself out yet.

Ah so.

On a happier note, I have stories inside me that are trying to beat their way out, so for the last couple of years I’ve been writing every chance i get. I started writing my Quirt and Brody stories in 2007, but took about a two year break to write other things, mostly fan fiction about a very obscure Cartoon! It was great fun, i learned a lot about writing, and it turned into marketing research. I still have about 1000 hits a month on just one of the sites where I posted fan-fiction in 2008-9. The show isn’t on anymore, and still, many tell me they’ve never heard of it – but want to watch it after reading my stories. That is an ego-stroker!

Even if no one else liked my own stories enough to give me $2.99 to read each one on kindle, I am enjoying writing and will be very pleased when I finish what I have started, at least. As long as my writing reads smoothly with a minimum of mistakes, readers get a good sense of the action and it keeps them interested, I’m happy.


Don’t even touch that remote!

If I’m around, don’t even turn on that TV. You will see a side of me that usually stays dormant.

My friend Jack, can attest to that. I don’t have TV and haven’t watched regularly for just over 10 years. For what the last cable or sat TV bill I saw, I can buy or rent 10-20 DVDs per month and there just aren’t that many good shows – and even fewer shows that I am interested in seeing.

And now especially, I refuse to pay to watch commercials. I’d refuse even if it was still ‘free’ though. Do you realize a half-hour show, is really 18 minutes or less? An hour long show is 38 minutes, maybe? The rest is commercials. An hour and 20 minute long movie is stretched to two hours with commercials.

I’m not paying to see that.

There are many other things on TV that I refuse to watch because of the high risk of ‘mind poisoning’, but even those that you choose not to watch, still flow into your mind all day in their commercial form.

The commercials for these shows are the most outrageous, shocking, or what they think is the most funny – so the worst of the show – that is the most poisonous – that you really don’t want to see – bombard your brain in commercial form the whole time the TV is on. You can also think about it – since you’ve already seen the ‘best’ part of the shows as a commercial, why watch the whole damn thing?

If I had a dollar for every time the owner of a satellite or cable box said in my presence, “80 channels or 400 channels, and nothing worth watching on” – I’d be rich!

While I was caring for my terminally ill friend, we watched old TV westerns. She loved them an watched them while she was well enough to choose so we were pretty safe in doing what she liked.  They were fine with me, except for the commercials in-between. Old westerns are mostly harmless. But why they didn’t just turn of the TV  -if there was nothing on – I don’t know. I turned mine off 10 years ago, and before that I didn’t watch much – I was always busy outside with horses or friends – you know – living life!

AND NO – I don’t watch ‘news’ either, THE NEWS IS THE WORST for our brains, because it isn’t really ‘news’ and they are saying NOTHING I need to know. It’s not even entertaining, but we are programmed to think we ‘have’ to watch the news just like we think we ‘have’ to pay huge gas prices. [that might be another blog entry]

The only thing we have to do is die. But even death will come regardless of what we do or don’t do, so we don’t even have to ‘do’ anything about that either.

I do like to watch DVD’s, but I rarely watch those, and if I have one playing I am most likely on the computer too, writing one of my stories or reading a friends blog or email.

I did get stuck watching TV recently for about two months. I was caring for a terminally ill friend, and even after she didn’t want the TV on anymore, her husband did. Not that I really ‘watched’ but you can’t get away from it. You could hear it in every room of the house and the TV was in the same room as the hospital bed, where I spent most of my time with my friend.

It is absolutely amazing the ignorant/useless ideas people have in their heads, and so much of it seems to come from TV or is at least encouraged by it. I shudder when I think of what I heard just in those two months, yet others take it as commonplace and they think it won’t affect how they think, I think. 😀

Isn’t brain washing and hypnotizing caused by hearing the same things over and over? Every time I heard a food commercial, I wanted to get up and find something to eat – – and there is so much negativity, in everything – even comedies – no wonder we are all depressed in this country.

Or better yet, throw it out!

I kept one around to watch Ice Age – but still, I can do that on my computer – so I don’t even need a TV to do that!

Go ahead, disagree with me – please! Make my day! I dare you!

I’m not negative – really i’m not :D

Looking through my blog I think someone who doesn’t know me would think,  “Wow, what a bitch.”

Really I’m not – I’ve even had ‘bitch lessons’ from friends because it was determined i needed to be more of a bitch.

There are just a few things i am passionate about and when things go awry i can be ‘vocal’ and now with a blog i can be ‘vocal’ even if it’s not appropriate or beneficial to be vocal while something ignorant is actually happening. One thing that really bothers me is ignorance – especially in myself. I even have tattoos with symbols meaning Wisdom and Dispelling Ignorance. Was it ignorant of me to get tattoos?  Probably, but i didn’t get them until i was 47 –  old enough to be sure i really wanted tattoos even being aware of the multitudes of possible consequences.

they say Tatoos are permanent – but i say, these bodies we enhabit are not.

While i inhabit this body, such as it is, I will be a passionate, compassionate person always striving to think of others more than i think of myself. And the only thing that gets in the way of that, are my own fears.

Captain Hook carried a vial of poison because he was terrified of being captured and tortured. I think he was on the right track.

Would carrying a vial of poison make me feel a lot better, even if i never actually use it? I’m sure i could get one one on the internet, since you can get anything – but would it work? or would it be filled with spring water? A placebo to make me feel better?

I think the only way i can feel better is to just feel better 😀

These other things aren’t real anyway, just my fearful thoughts that come and go – unless i cling to them.

Ah So,

anyone got any chocolate?