Why I’m trying to write

People with horses and mules

A few of the folks I used to ride with a lot. There were many others too, and I enjoyed riding alone sometimes. I’m the only one on a horse on this ride. Photo by Barbara.

I never saw myself as a writer at all, [still don’t]  but, I wanted badly to tell about the adventures I had those three decades and after 30+ years I learned a little about a lot

I don’t want to write a ‘how to’ book. Everyone knows, or thinks they know ‘how to’, including me.

2004 or so, I started writing down some of my experiences and stories that were in my head, but couldn’t get anyone online to read and critique what I wrote.

In about 2008 I started writing fan fiction, I rode on the wings of one show that was already popular, and another that only had a small, cult following. I often heard that someone started watching that show, after they found and read one of my fan stories. It was great fun and a learned a lot about writing that way.

I like stories with a lot of danger and adventure. I loved Johnny Quest, and it is still a title in my video collection.  More recently, I had a lot of fun going along as photographer on a local Arizona’s town ghost hunts and helping the tour owner.

The stories that I’m writing contain adventures and situations that I actually experienced, with fictional twists that include ghost hunting, bad guys and maybe a tiny amount of romance. [Something I was sorely lacking during that time.]

The books are not about me or even a character based on me, but the characters are based on a combination of people I knew and rode with. With a little of me and things I did, thrown in sometimes.

For my stories I made them teens and one had to be wealthy to finance their adventures. The horses are based on horses I owned and what they do is, or refuse to do is actually what happened.

As long as what i write reads smoothy, keeps interest [at least my own] and the action is perceived clearly – I’m happy.

Those were the best days – and I am enjoying remembering them as I write these stories.


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