Quirt and Brody Ride #2 – Doppelganger SUMMARY

Quirt and Brody Ride#2 Doppelganger
Quirt and Brody Ride#2 Doppelganger

Suki, Quirt and Brody don’t get to take their horses on this trip, but still manage to get into plenty of trouble. This time they have an adventure of the supernatural kind with Josie Taboo and her ghost hunters.

Even the additional, armed ranch hands and the new security system weren’t enough to protect his family and Mark became more determined to put an end to Rotter’s attacks. While the rest of the family was gone to San Francisco, Mark Farnsworth and Donna Evans, Brody’s mother and Sheriff’s deputy, stayed in Arizona to track down Otto Rotter.

But unfortunately, Otto Rotter was already a step ahead of them. He already had new plans to ruin Mary’s career and destroy her family.

Rotter was no longer in Arizona. He heard about Mary’s trip when he had one of his thugs hacked her email. He set out for San Francisco to get there before she did, planning to use a demon spell that he put into action weeks before. The family members and friends find themselves in the kind of bad trouble that could destroy the strongest of friendships and even bring an end to their lives.


Quirt and Brody- Ride #1 : Rattlesnake Summary

Quirt and Brody Ride #1 Rattlesnake
Quirt and Brody Ride #1 Rattlesnake

To celebrate Suki’s fifteenth birthday, Quirt plans a trail ride and cookout, but their outing is cut short by an encounter with a rattlesnake. With no adults around to help, they have to cope on their own. Suki has an unusually severe, strange reaction to the snake venom, and they find out it was a very unusual variety rattlesnake. After a couple of weeks of recovery, Suki is still upset by all that has happened in her recent past. She gets mad at Quirt and runs off during a desert thunderstorm. The boys find her, but all three are unexpectedly captured and tortured by a mad scientist. This is the first in a series of stories about Suki, Quirt and Brody.

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Why I’m trying to write

People with horses and mules
A few of the folks I used to ride with a lot. There were many others too, and I enjoyed riding alone sometimes. I’m the only one on a horse on this ride. Photo by Barbara.

I never saw myself as a writer at all, [still don’t]  but, I wanted badly to tell about the adventures I had those three decades and after 30+ years I learned a little about a lot

I don’t want to write a ‘how to’ book. Everyone knows, or thinks they know ‘how to’, including me.

2004 or so, I started writing down some of my experiences and stories that were in my head, but couldn’t get anyone online to read and critique what I wrote.

In about 2008 I started writing fan fiction, I rode on the wings of one show that was already popular, and another that only had a small, cult following. I often heard that someone started watching that show, after they found and read one of my fan stories. It was great fun and a learned a lot about writing that way.

I like stories with a lot of danger and adventure. I loved Johnny Quest, and it is still a title in my video collection.  More recently, I had a lot of fun going along as photographer on a local Arizona’s town ghost hunts and helping the tour owner.

The stories that I’m writing contain adventures and situations that I actually experienced, with fictional twists that include ghost hunting, bad guys and maybe a tiny amount of romance. [Something I was sorely lacking during that time.]

The books are not about me or even a character based on me, but the characters are based on a combination of people I knew and rode with. With a little of me and things I did, thrown in sometimes.

For my stories I made them teens and one had to be wealthy to finance their adventures. The horses are based on horses I owned and what they do is, or refuse to do is actually what happened.

As long as what i write reads smoothy, keeps interest [at least my own] and the action is perceived clearly – I’m happy.

Those were the best days – and I am enjoying remembering them as I write these stories.