No hope for humans

I don’t watch TV at home, and haven’t for 10 years, but i am staying with a terminally ill friend right now and since she wants the TV on 18 hours a day and turned up loud, I am currently being brainwashed with everyone else.

You know that neopet commercial where their slogan is “the future of friendship” I mean, isn’t that a little sad, and scary? What moron thought that was a good selling point?  Are they saying the only hope for friendship in the future is their toy?

And commercials that actually make my ears burn, are those who manipulate the language to mislead. And worse – spokes persons, script writers and news personalities who don’t seem to know any grammar.

Commercials who say “virtually” in every other sentence. Does that mean it is only available or effective digitally through the computer. The definition online is “nearly” or “almost” – why don’t they just say ‘nearly pain free’? Apparently they think people will be more impressed with the word ‘virtually’.

And my most recent ‘favorite to hate’ commercial stts more than once, “Save up to thousands of dollars.”


50 cents is ‘up to thousands’.  How about being a little more specific? They’ll never do it, because ‘thousands of dollars’ sounds impressive to most people and they will jump on it.

Are ‘news’ reports that don’t actually report facts and commercials catering to people who think they can’t go two days without there dishwasher? Or are they helping to create people who think they ‘shouldn’t’ have to go without their dishwasher for two days if it breaks.

Another commercial is for a product that makes it ‘easy’ to hard boil an egg. come on! Are there really people out there who think that peeling a hard boiled egg is hard? And what about the additional little cups that now have to be washed, doesn’t having those  that add work for the person who, “Has to peel hard boiled eggs all day?”

Who peels hard boiled eggs, ALL DAY? If i am expected to peel them all day, it better be part of a job i am being paid for – and then bring on the eggs, I’m ready to go!

Oh sorry, forgive me, these are the same people who can’t go two days without a dishwasher.

I actually have two dishwashers – they are at the ends of my right and left arms.

i think i will end this here, time to put my headphones back on before my mind completely melts.

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