Another Loophole in a site membership

okay, now I’m a little sad. this site, Fan  said
“get reviews, you don’t have to review to get reviews” and now i find out you do have to review, or you have to pay more.
I’ve already paid 67 bucks. Now i can pay more, or i can try to make time to read someone else stories and offer them help – when i am not qualified, or i wouldn’t be asking for help.

Also reading others online you don’t know what your getting into. Some of the online writing is so bad – worse than mine that i don’t want to read it – i make enough mistakes on my own and don’t want to be exposed to writings that are not so great, or flat out bad. I thought since this was a pay site, that they meant you don’t have to review to get reviews. [its true in kind of a sneaky way.] 

And yes, i read the FAQ and policies -but  i didn’t read about the rewards and certificates. I thought it would be a while before i got any kind of  certificate or reward thingies, so thinking it didn’t matter and with so much else to read – that all takes time from my writing time – i skipped that part. Turns, out that you don’t win rewards and certificates – you buy them, or earn them by reviewing others work. So here i am promises already broken, but still a little hopeful that i really will get some advise and critique, but now totally out of the mood, my bubble burst.

How do i keep getting caught up in this kind of crap? When will i learn that internet sites promise all kinds of things  – and even if they provide what they say, there are hidden [or easy to look past] strings attached –

Someday, if i have time i will look at other stories that are already reviewed as good and give it a try, maybe. Otherwise i will just stick with the local writer’s group i already joined for a lot less money. They have been great, but only get to see them once a month so i thought this would be a good in-between thing to do.

Actually i was going to think about it, but I’m on my way back to cancel that one.

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