Writer’s meeting

Omgosh I attended a local writers
meeting. I don’t know how many total members there are, but 10 of
them showed up the night I went.

I learned about the group from one of
the librarians at the public library when I asked about writing
workshops and before that didn’t even know there was such a thing! I guess it is unusual for someone to just show up one day
like I did. They were talking about having events to get more members
and said people don’t usually ‘just show up’ like I did. Guess I’m
braver than I thought. I really want to learn more about the writing
process, I am enjoying it so much.

And it did get a little scary! It was
run using a loose platform from ‘Robert’s rules of order’, but it
was fun, the members are awesome! They have a president, [who happens
to be a published author already and I don’t know how many other
members have sold books.] and other ‘officer’s’ as well and their
always needing more willing members. The opening business was
conducted at the start of the meeting and everyone introduced
themselves. I had to be honest, and told them during introductions
that I had only written some fan fiction that had been written by
others, but really enjoyed it and wanted to become a better writer. I
admitted I’ve been working on my own stories and characters.

A few didn’t know what fan-fiction was,
but others did, and there were other members who started out that way
as well! [What a relief!]

So then they came to the writing
assignment! Each month everyone is supposed to read a little of their
writing for the others to critique and comment on. As it happened I
had printed out the first two pages of my story hoping to meet
someone I could convince to read it after the real meeting, but I had
no idea they did this.

So not only did I have to share my
story with others, face to face with strangers, and not online – I
had to read out loud in front of the whole group! Eeeek!

I thought seriously about not
mentioning that I had brought anything – but sucked it up. After
all, that is what I was there for and if I can’t take criticism I
should just give up now.

Online, I sometimes get conflicting
reviews for the same piece, like ‘too much description’, and ‘not
enough description’ and I learned the same thing can happen in
person, among people sitting across the room from each other lolz.

I read: “She had a crush on him.”

A woman across the table from me said I
shouldn’t just say it like that, she said I’ve ‘identified that
character that way, and I should show it, not tell it.’

The man siting three down from me, said
or you can just say “She had a crush on him,” and get on
with the story. Lol.

I think other than grammar and spelling
and punctuation and stuff [that was all wrong, hehehe] I think
everything else is determined by the writers style and you just have
to hope that more people like your style than not. There will always
be differing opinions on any sentence or paragraph you ask about.

Just like when reading something as
wide-spread as the bible, every phrase had a different meaning for
each person who reads it. Not right or wrong, just different. I have
to admit that I haven’t been a frequent reader; and then mostly
non-fiction books. Writing fiction is different in many ways than
writing non-fiction.

People have said to write well, you
have to read a lot. So I’ve been reading a little more at least. And
I find that published authors often do things that people have told
me not to do. Like mixing a very short sentence with long sentences.

Once you get published, you can get
away with things that you shouldn’t do when you’re starting out is
another thing I learned.

I cant wait for the next meeting. I
will rewrite what I read the first time and see if I can make it
better, or at least not have the same comments. I am finding it all
so interesting, not only for my writing, but how human minds work.
For instance again, my mind doesn’t even understand what’s going on
when writers are being all ‘artistic’ [I guess that’s what it is].
This style reminds me of poetry that I just don’t understand. I read
stuff all the time online that I just don’t understand and don’t
finish. Is it just me? I don’t think I’m dumb or anything, but my
brain sure doesn’t work like some other folks’ brains seem to work.

On was a whole lot of important
sounding words, but I couldn’t tell you what the short piece was
really about, even if I read it again.

I like reading books meant for young
readers best and still think that is what I am best-suited to write
if I can write anything. I averaged page hit counts out and for the
last year I have about 3,000 hits per month on my stories, spread
across 4 different web sites where I’ve posted them. I think they
must be making sense to someone

Some of my favorite authors of fiction
right now are:

Lemony Snicket

Christopher Moore

Douglas Adams

J.K. Rowling

and I read Michael Nesmeth’s book, “The
Long Sandy Hair of Neftoon Zamora” and absolutely loved it. I
bought another and had it autographed.

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