Trying to Write the Old-fashioned Way

love to go downtown, especially to the coffee shop in the Library.
There are a few other locations; coffee shops or bookstores where I
can be found regularly too. I like to watch people; sometimes even
meet people, but mostly I like to sit in a coffee shop that has WiFi.

design web sites, research writing topics and belong to a couple of
writing groups, both locally and on-line whom I’ve learned a lot

also enjoy writing while I’m out; adding to and editing my own
stories. There is only one coffee shop I go to sometimes where the
music is way too loud – and the kind of music is especially
annoying. No, not rap, rap would be better. I don’t try to actually
write while I’m there. Other than that, I can block out any noise or
conversations going on around me and get a lot done.

the last two years or so, I’ve had a story trying to bust out. It is
coming from when I played, slept, worked and lived ‘horses’. I did it
for almost 30 years, and then I got married. I didn’t mean to trade
that life I loved for a husband, but I did. I broke youngin’s and
re-trained spoiled horses and I can say it – I was good. The first
year as a teenager, I fell off a couple times, but after that, for
all those years I never hit the ground again, unless the horse went
down with me. I got em stuck in sand and water, like quick sand or
they fell while we were competing, in several different disciplines.
No horse ever got hurt, except once when one banged his tooth on a
barrel during a gymkhana and chipped it. The times in my life when
I’ve been hurt – a horse was not involved.

of the experiences I had over the years, I think would make good
stories. And if I fictionalize them, they will be even more fun and
intriguing, [at least for me]. I heard you should write what you
know, and horses is what I know.

this is where the ‘urge’ to write has come from for me. Its amazing,
I hated English and writing when younger, and now I can’t get enough.
I have written well over a million words now, in about 40 stories.
The computer makes it really easy to count. I’m thinking its time I
tried to get something published, so I am working hard on getting the
first of my stories, perfect. I know it will never happen, but
perhaps I can make it perfect enough, to call it ‘finished’ and that
is my goal.

and family are always teasing me about being “On the computer”
too much, and I’ve been ‘on’ even more since I started trying to
learn how to write.

I wish to point out that I’m not just “on the computer”.

am writing, or reading, or drawing or communicating, or creating,
learning – or even working! I am helping two gentlemen get a book
they’re writing ‘digitized’. I am their typist and I’m doing the
layout as well, so I am not just sitting for hours “on the
computer” doing nothing productive, like playing solitaire or
doing whatever you do on facebook. I actually have a facebook account
– but I still don’t see the point. All I get is a long list of who
is friends with who, and I don’t care; but I digress, back to

Still, because of the frequent comments I hear about
‘being on the computer all the time’, for one day, I decided to leave
the laptop at home. Yesterday, I took a spiral notebook of real paper
and pencils, instead of anything that would have to be plugged in.

After all, this is how writers used to write, I know of a few
who still do, like the gentlemen I’m working for now. To write on
good old-fashioned paper, with a pen sounded wonderful! After all,
paper, pens and pencils are lighter than dragging a laptop around,
eh? And I don’t have to look for electricity after a couple of hours.
I thought this would be a good thing.

have discovered that there are not enough erasers in the WORLD for me
to try to write anything the old-fashioned way! I make way too many
boo boos, and really, really missed the ‘delete’ key!

my – how did books even get written before the computer! I would
never get even one chapter finished!

was there for four hours, and have nothing to show for it, but eraser
crumbs in my clothes.
The coffee shop employees will be
vacuuming up piles of eraser crumbs for a month.

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